Welcome to Stonehenge FX

"The company was founded on principles of providing absolute returns through full transparency.
"Our first goal is customer satisfaction and continuity of relationships, rather than a high volume of customers" .
Stone Hedge FX is a brokerage account manager. Our customers are in control of their own accounts at any time and can withdraw any amount at any given time. Accounts can be tracked 24 / 7, for balance, fairness, statements, transactions, and fees, all in real time.

our Staff
The staff, after many years of direct negotiation is highly qualified to address the market analysis and design of the trading system with two fundamentally different and complementary backgrounds: economic, financial and analytical / mathematical. The team is highly specialized in the analysis and use of many different theoretical achievements in mathematics and applied science in a context of negotiation. "

Team of highly trained and updated to provide a service rather than effective, efficient and meet all customer needs
High experience shown along the path by our staff, each time showing more initiative to develop new strategies.
today because companies are unscrupulous and managing external funds, Stone Hedge Stone Advisors as Hedge FX have a policy of transparency.
Stone Hedge FX is committed to the study, design and development of automatic trading systems for FOREX Market. The mission is to provide quality services to institutional and private investors interested in the currency market with the best quality, provide methodologies and tools used to build services.

Mission and Vision

Corporate mission

Be the first choice for all transaction invercion Forex Latin American level, increasing quality standards and ensuring a complete service.

Corporate Vision

Become the best FOREX brokerage option so to provide as many services as possible invercion